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Private Investment Management

Private Investment Management



Your needs and aspirations are the starting point of our service.


Together we design a personal wealth and investment plan which is tailored to incorporate your wishes and views.

We match your needs to an investment profile and objective agreed with you, and having done so the process of building your portfolio begins. We will select investments that incorporate different types of asset class and include, if appropriate, different geographic areas.

The allocation of your assets will depend on your circumstances, the legal environment, the economic cycle, your attitude to risk and your investment timescale. Risk and return are strongly correlated. Increasing your expected returns by choosing between asset classes can only be done at the price of accepting additional risks. Once we have established a clear picture of your attitude to risk and expectation of return, together we can work out an optimal investment strategy in the appropriate tax-efficient vehicles.

The portfolio will usually contain traditional investments such as Equities and Bonds, but we may also recommend the inclusion of alternative investments such as Hedge Funds, Real Estate and Private Equity which tend to show a low correlation to equity and fixed income markets. By using such alternative investments, and including structured products and derivatives, in portfolios, we aim to reduce the total risk and to enhance the expected returns over the long term.

Other elements to be considered in the building of the portfolio are the inclusion of different geographic regions, the currency allocation and the particular timeframe of specific investments.


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