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Long-term relationships

As a private bank with a 300 year history, Fortis recognises the importance of providing you with relationship continuity, building a partnership, spanning generations.


Our forte is always to adapt what we provide to the requirements of our clients.

We want to understand your plans for the future to be aware of your personal and financial circumstances, so that when you call us, you speak to someone who knows who you are and can do everything possible to meet your priorities.

We provide a quality of service that goes beyond traditional private banking, covering the full life-cycle of individual clients and their businesses.

Our approach is as individual as each client whilst being based on wealth strategies devised to react dynamically to market changes within a clear structure and disciplined framework.

Our team has been together for many years and our clients tell us that their long term relationship with the investment managers, to whom they have regular access, is one of the most important reasons to be with Fortis.

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