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Investment Philosophy

A process built around you…
We start by defining your requirements, including your attitude to risk. We then review your preferences for income, capital growth or a balance between income and capital growth. Our aim is to strike the right balance between your short and long-term goals. This information then supports the construction of an investment portfolio and the generation of transactional advice. Integral to the process is a rigorous monitoring function, checking that the objectives are being met on an ongoing basis.

Asset allocation
To maximise returns for a given level of risk we propose an optimal asset allocation for you and assess broader themes and issues that provide insight into the potential future behaviour of different asset classes and sectors. We also review macro-economic influences, including demographics and business cycle factors. This ‘top-down’ approach provides information that is combined with fundamental industry analysis to enable the formulation of a ‘world view’ – a set of scenarios that drive the asset allocation according to your risk preference

Investment selection
Our investment process involves the continual screening of thousands of securities. These include both direct securities and collective funds. We cover the major fixed interest and equity markets, hedge funds, property funds and other alternative instruments. Our independence allows us to select any suitable securities on merit. We use qualitative and technical analysis to refine our investment selections ensuring that our analysts can fully assess individual securities. Account is also taken of more qualitative aspects, such as the strength of a company’s management, market position etc.

Model investment portfolios
Model investment portfolios are constructed covering a broad range of objectives are maintained as an integral part of our investment process. These portfolios reflect our views on asset allocation and are monitored closely to ensure performance is achieved at an acceptable level of risk. Your investment manager will customise your portfolio, as necessary, to ensure it meets with your investment requirements and future aims.

This process has no inherent bias to any particular asset class or investment style. In equity markets we see ourselves as neither growth nor value investors. Rather, we take an adaptive approach that considers which style will prevail over a particular timeframe, adjusting our investment stance accordingly.

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